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Those who need a compact, durable and portable storage unit for mechanical tools can certainly rely on the qualitative product range of Hardiebear.

Hardiebear is a renowned manufacturer and a purveyor of tool backpack in Australia. Unlike regular bags, tool backpack score high on durability and lays little emphasis on aesthetics, which makes it as robust on outside as it is from inside. There are separate compartments and zipped enclosures for the tools of certain kinds. The broad, cushioned straps, which run over the shoulders down to the sides of waist, evenly distribute the weight and make you feel light and swift in your movements. You already have work’s responsibility and your tool bag shouldn’t add up to it.

Hardiebear derives inspiration from the professionals who work hard and engage in heavy-duty tasks. They carry with them the tools that are less used in everyday life and are more of industrial grade –most of them are not even known to a layman. We understand their needs better and provide them with the tool backpack that never fails to deliver on their expectations.

We value your precious time and make sure that you don’t have to spend more of it into buying stuff that can be easily availed online from us. We offer tool backpacks online with free shipping across Australia. Moreover, if the product that reaches you is not in a state as it was supposed to be, you can call for immediate replacement. In worst case scenario, when the product reaches in a damaged state, we care to refund your amount within a couple of days.

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