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  • (For Australia Post Only) Australian Post Scanner Tool Pouch
    (For Australia Post Only) Australian Post Scanner Tool Pouch
    AUD $6.50
  • 10 Pocket Sudede Pouch
    10 Pocket Sudede Pouch
    AUD $54.20
  • 7 Pockets 16.5cm Hight Tool Sheath
    7 Pockets 16.5cm Hight Tool Sheath
    AUD $9.99
  • 7 Pockets Utility Pouch
    7 Pockets Utility Pouch
    AUD $9.99
  • 9 Pocket Maintenance Pouch
    9 Pocket Maintenance Pouch
    AUD $18.99
  • Parachute Bag
    Parachute Bag
    AUD $9.99
  • Supreme Ultimate Grade Bucket
    Supreme Ultimate Grade Bucket
    AUD $32.70
  • Tool Organizer
    Tool Organizer
    AUD $9.99
  • Tool Organizer Tool Bag
    Tool Organizer Tool Bag
    AUD $9.99
  • Tool Rollup
    Tool Rollup
    AUD $17.70
  • Ultimate Grade Bucket Sleeve
    Ultimate Grade Bucket Sleeve
    AUD $29.20

11 Item(s)

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With the technological advancement, the machines and other technological devices have become more complex and thus require multiple tools in an event of installation or repair. Hence, it has become imperative for a technician to carry various types of tools for the callouts.

Hardiebear aims at making your errands convenient with a utilitarian range of tool pouches, specifically introduced for professionals from various industries, including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc. These tool pouches, with their ample storage and easy accessibility features, make the perfect companion for electrical and plumbing callouts.

Why should you consider buying a tool pouch from Hardiebear?

There are several compelling reasons why you should choose Hardiebear for buying tool pouches.

Manufacturer and supplier

Hardiebear itself is a manufacturer and supplier of tool pouches, which means there’s no third party involved and you will be dealing directly with us for your needs.

Durability Assured

The product range offered by Hardiebear is sure to stand the test of time and accommodate heavy-duty tools without facing wear and tear.


We understand your varied needs better than anyone else does, which is why we offer a variety of tool pouch for you to choose from.

Delivery and Return Policy

We make it a point to offer Australia-wide shipping assistance to our customers. We rely on reputed courier services so that your consignment arrives intact and on time. Also, in case you are not satisfied with the product, we’d happily accept your returns and may also initiate refund in case the product happens to be damaged. However, if the product is damaged up to a minor extent, you will be entitled for repair or replacement –whichever is more feasible.

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